Mechanics (Physics for Scientists)




The Honda FCX Clarity, a fuel-cellpowered automobile available to the
public, albeit in limited quantities.
A fuel cell converts hydrogen fuel
into electricity to drive the motor
attached to the wheels of the car.
Automobiles, whether powered
by fuel cells, gasoline engines, or
batteries, use many of the concepts
and principles of mechanics that
we will study in this first part of the
book. Quantities that we can use to
describe the operation of vehicles
include position, velocity, acceleration,
force, energy, and momentum.
(PRNewsFoto/American Honda)

Physics, the most fundamental physical science, is concerned with the fundamental
principles of the Universe. It is the foundation upon which the other sciences—astronomy,
biology, chemistry, and geology—are based. It is also the basis of a large number of engineering applications. The beauty of physics lies in the simplicity of its fundamental principles and in the
manner in which just a small number of

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